Thermal Spray

SMS houses the widest range of thermal spray capabilities in the western United States. You may find our thermal spray capabilities under the Technologies section of this website. Thermal spray coatings are used for electrical and thermal insulation, electrical conductivity, emissivity, corrosion and wear protection, oxidation and sulphidation resistance, clearance control in gas turbine seals, dielectric resistance. More advanced uses are electrical circuitry, x-ray sources and as source of non-thermodynamically stable compositions for sputtering targets used in photovoltaic, and other electrical and magnetic applications. SMS also specializes in conventional applications such as rebuilds for worn or corroded equipment.

Diffusion Coating

  • SMS offers a variety of diffusion coatings based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  • Conventional hard materials such as Aluminides, Borides, Carbides and Nitrides are deposited routinely High temperature coatings include Silicides, Aluminides and Chromides
  • Range of reactors/furnaces are available up to 60" Diameter x 60"high up to 1100 °C

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation/Microarc Oxidation (PEO/MAO)

SMS is qualified by major OEMs to apply PEO on a variety of fluid handling equipment. Our largest 60" in diameter by 50" tall. The power supply is capable to 600amps.


  • SMS has developed a sprayforming technique with significant advantages over casting & thermal spray Dense, fine grained, segregation free deposits
  • High deposition rate ~ 60Ibs/min
  • Tubes up to 20' length are in production
  • Typical applications: Semiconductor and Photovoltaic
  • Common materials: Alloys of Tin, Zinc, Indium, Copper, Aluminium and Gallium


SMS has a complete machine and grind shop with largest lathe up to 20'by 40" swing and longest cylindrical grinder to 168" x 24" swing. An assortment of conventional and CNC machines allow us to offer turn key fabrication: machining, coating and grinding for a variety of OEM's.