Sputtering Targets manufactured by SMS are being used successfully in CIGS, CdTe and a-Si production. Complete suite of processing techniques developed at SMS including CIP/HIP, casting, thermal spray and sprayforming has enabled us to address the sputtering target needs of photovoltaic and glass industries. Leak checking, elemental analysis and gas content of targets are measured to ensure quality

  • Mo family: Mo, MoNa, MoCu
  • Cu family: Cu, CuGa, CuInGa (CIG)
  • Cd family: CdSn; CdIn, CdTe
  • Zn family: Zn, ZnSn, ZnAl
  • Sn family: Sn, SnSi
  • Others: Ag, TiO2, Cr, SiAl