Advance Processes

SMS Inc. is a known leader in process development in the surface engineering field. Besides development and optimization of new coatings using traditional processing equipment such as thermal spray, SMS has developed additional technologies to extend the application base beyond traditional ones.

Sprayforming of Sputtering Targets

Sprayforming enables deposition rates exceeding 30lbs/minute where as thermal spray is limited to 20- 30lbs/hour. This technology enables the rapid fabrication of rotary sputtering targets of tin, zinc and aluminum alloys. Added attributes are improved density and lower gas content.

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO)

SMS has developed a means of depositing dense hard oxide coatings on aluminum, magnesium, titanium and zirconium alloys. The coatings are applied in a solution containing special chemicals, high voltage is passed through the workpiece causing dielectric breakdown of the native oxide and localized melting, the melted layer is oxidized to increase the oxide layer thickness. These coatings are harder and denser than those obtained by anodizing. Special solution chemistries have been developed to obtain coatings such as zirconia, zirconia-alumina- yttria and aluminum nitride on aluminum alloys.